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Stephanie Nandoo, LMHC


SUNY Stony Brook, 2011

BA Psychology

BA Anthropology

Minor in Women’s Studies


Boston College, 2014

MA Mental Health Counseling

Certificate of Study in Human Rights and International Justice

In addition to extensive training and professional development in the unique and specific field of early childhood mental health, I have a personal and professional commitment to social justice and equality. As a woman of color, I value and do my best to practice perspective-taking and open-mindedness. I am interested and respectful of cultures, especially since child-rearing and parenting can have deep roots in tradition, history, and culturally guided expectations. My style of working with children and adults includes sharing information and research and exploring together through a culturally sensitive lens.

M Y  A P P R O A C H

Health, Movement, Wellbeing

​I believe all behaviors have meaning. My practice recognizes family engagement as a critical component of growth and development. Parents and primary caregivers often know their children best and can be the most influential people in a child's life. Some children spend most of their waking hours at daycare or in preschool, so it is understandable that concerns pop up in childcare settings.

I have worked as a mental health consultant in early learning centers for over five years, collaborating with parents and teachers to support children and the adults who care for them. It's my job as an early childhood mental health counselor to work with other adults in a child's life to try to translate and understand what that child is trying to tell us and how we, as the adults, can help. Depending on the needs of the child, family, and context, I provide play therapy, Child-Parent Psychotherapy, and consultations with teachers and families.

My services also include classroom observations, social-emotional training, and workshops for teachers and families, and collaboration with other professionals and service providers, such as ACS caseworkers and Special Education Itinerant Teachers.

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