Early Childhood Mental Health

Young children experience the world in vastly different ways from teens, adults, and sometimes even each other. Research shows persistent toxic stress, and adverse childhood experiences, impact mental and physical health throughout the lifespan, so as the Center on the Developing Child states "it's never too late, but earlier is better!" 


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Stephanie Nandoo, LMHC

Hey, there! Just like adults, children can go through difficult times with expressing their emotions or communicating with others. It is absolutely okay to seek help.

I am here to support children, families, and individual adults in building the skills that will improve communication, behavior, and relationships. My experience and training in this particular field with this distinct population are uncommon.


Whether you are looking for a few consultation sessions on managing morning routines with your child, or need to unload personal stressors, I welcome you to reach out to me. We will think together about the next steps in your journey!


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26 Court Street 

Suite 2221

Brooklyn, NY 11242


Tel 631-772-9501


*Now Accepting Cigna Insurance

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